On 16th of July 2016 thousands of men, women and children around the world will dress in red and dance en masse to Kate Bush's classic hit Wuthering Heights.
Wear - a billowy sleeve red dress, red stockings with black belt. Bring your Kate Bush adoration and boundless joy.
It was a sunny wintry day at København in Illutron today, with no wind to conjure up the atmosphere of a moor, but the "Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever" event went off well.

Bringing life - and kate bush - to the red zone on the most wuthering heights day ever

 Their red dresses wafting in the wind, 30 women and one brave boy re-created kate bush's classic dance moves for wuthering heights in christchurch's red zone. The event was in honour of today's international "the most wuthering heights day ever", with events planned it at least 17 cities around the world, including København. The event re-creates the "red dress" video for the 1978 no 1 hit that launched bush's career and was mostly done for "a bit of fun" said the woman behind the christchurch event, suki hickling.